5 Films To Watch For Indigenous History Month

What better way to celebrate and show support for National Indigenous History Month than to watch films made by indigenous women filmmakers. With that, we’ve compiled a list for you!
1. The Angry Inuk
In this award-winning documentary, director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril tackles misconceptions of commercial seal hunting. We follow a generation of Inuit fighting for change in the widely held beliefs in seal hunting and working to retain their ancestral rights.
2. RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World
A powerful documentary that brings …

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The 50 Best Canadian Films of the 2000s

Canadian films have had a reputation of being depicted as low budget with mediocre acting and cringe-worthy film grain. But over the years, Canadian cinema has gained more praise.
If you want to experience the wonder that is Canadian cinema for yourself then you came to the right place! We prepared a list of the best of the best that Canadian cinema has to offer!

Bollywood/Hollywood (2002)
Les Demons (2015)
Tom at the Farm (2013)
The Corporation (2003)
Café de flore(2011)
Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006)

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Film Review: Dirt Town

The story of Dirt Town (2019) follows an unhappy couple with their relationship on the rocks. We follow their struggles as we accompany them on their two-week-long moving road trip.
First of all, it’s a beautifully produced film. The colour-grading uses the right amount of dirtiness and grime that adds to the atmosphere of the show.
It also serves to represent where the characters are headed and in which direction the show itself is going. Additionally, there have been quite several stellar shots.
Overall, the directing is spectacular. Not only does the scenery support how the characters are feeling, but it also …

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The Drive-In Experience

Following its successful launch, The Drive-In Experience is set to resume its operations. Movies across all genres will be showcased. They also included hosting outdoor fitness, private and corporate events and other live entertainment.
The Drive-In Experience is here to deliver yet more top-quality entertainment for you during this current pandemic.
If you wish to avail of the Drive-In Experience site for rental, it is available. You can rent it for corporate events, employee appreciation or any other events that are unable to be held and operated properly due to the pandemic.
Other highlights include:


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The Show Must Go On! Filming in a Time of COVID

The pandemic has posed no small number of obstacles for us over the last year.  With the lockdown in effect, changes had to be made. New adjustments have had to be adapted.
The panel ‘The Show Must Go On! Filming in a Time of COVID’ showcased online presents Black filmmakers who have participated in the Ottawa Black Film Festival (OBFF), with Patrick McCormack, the managing director of CRANIUM, as the moderator.
Here we will learn how they overcame the challenges of filming in a pandemic.
The panellists include:
Tamar Bird
a film and television producer is known for her work on …

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