6 Canadian Movies Every Student in College Must Watch

This article is a compilation of Canadian movies whose plots or storylines are centred on the three discussed points below. If you want to convince your teacher to screen more movies on an interactive whiteboard in class or go together on a class field trip to the Canadian film festival read the three points below. Otherwise, scroll down and watch the trailers of the 6 Canadian movies that every student must watch.
Reasons Why College …

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Best Film Festivals in Canada in 2023

Looking for a night out in town and a chance to let your hair down? Or are you a simple movie lover looking for ways to indulge in your hobby as much as you can during this pandemic? Well, look no further! This year, Web Design Calgary whipped up a list of film festivals in Canada worth checking out!
1. Victoria International Film Festival
 Just a two-hour ferry ride from Vancouver in the small island capital of British Columbia. This film festival promises a special focus on BC, French, Canadian, and Indigenous talents.
2. …

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4 of the Best Canadian Films at the Toronto International Film Festival

Many critics have dismissed Canadian films and television and reduced them to their horrible stereotypes — although, to be fair, some of their criticisms did have merit. But those were the days of the past.
The people behind the industry have worked tirelessly to push through and open up a whole new era of Canadian cinema.
It’s finally possible for new and exciting voices to emerge. Not only does this give artists more opportunities, but it’s also giving us a whole new taste of Canadian cinema. The Toronto International Film Festival gives us a taste of exactly that.
Here are some of the best Canadian …

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Best Canadian Film Festivals

When you’re a film buff, nothing screams paradise more than a top-notch film festival showcasing a hundred or more of the latest and greatest films in just a few days.
And since this is a festival, it means there’s a lot more to do than just grabbing popcorn and jumping from film to film with your best buds! With films come movie stars, directors, etc. and with film festivals come the opportunity to interview these amazing people behind one of your favourite films.
Some of these celebrities or directors and producers give workshops and hold discussion panels about their works. Not to mention the parties where you get to …

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House of Paint Festival of Urban Arts and Culture

After a year of isolation, it’s time to let loose and paint the town red! We kick off this festival season with a new program. Re-engage artistically with our community. Don’t worry though, we’ll be doing it in a completely safe manner that is apt for the circumstances.
Highlights include:
On August 19th, a poetry contest where poets take their shot at the $500 grand prize.
On August 21st, tune in for an array of musical artistry brought you in collaboration with CKCU. This includes studio sessions, DJ sets and interviews from new and established talents alike. …

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Vanier Museopark: Maple On Stage Series

Maple On Stage is a music video project showcasing different local artists. These includes:

Akeem Oh
Lynne Hanson
Mimi O’Bonsawin
Anika France-Forget
Danièle Vallée
Jean Cloutier
Theland Kicknosway
Mehdi Cayenne.

Daniel Richer is also the host. Its purpose is to show off the different charms that Canadian musicians have to offer. One video is launched each week for the duration of the summer. It will remain available for viewing for the next 30 days.
Many talented and outstanding people have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this …

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5 Films To Watch For Indigenous History Month

What better way to celebrate and show support for National Indigenous History Month than to watch films made by indigenous women filmmakers. With that, we’ve compiled a list for you!
1. The Angry Inuk
In this award-winning documentary, director Alethea Arnaquq-Baril tackles misconceptions of commercial seal hunting. We follow a generation of Inuit fighting for change in the widely held beliefs in seal hunting and working to retain their ancestral rights.
2. RUMBLE: The Indians Who Rocked The World
A powerful documentary that brings …

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The 50 Best Canadian Films of the 2000s

Canadian films have had a reputation of being depicted as low budget with mediocre acting and cringe-worthy film grain. But over the years, Canadian cinema has gained more praise.
If you want to experience the wonder that is Canadian cinema for yourself then you came to the right place! We prepared a list of the best of the best that Canadian cinema has to offer!

Bollywood/Hollywood (2002)
Les Demons (2015)
Tom at the Farm (2013)
The Corporation (2003)
Café de flore(2011)
Bon Cop, Bad Cop (2006)

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Film Review: Dirt Town

The story of Dirt Town (2019) follows an unhappy couple with their relationship on the rocks. We follow their struggles as we accompany them on their two-week-long moving road trip.
First of all, it’s a beautifully produced film. The colour-grading uses the right amount of dirtiness and grime that adds to the atmosphere of the show.
It also serves to represent where the characters are headed and in which direction the show itself is going. Additionally, there have been quite several stellar shots.
Overall, the directing is spectacular. Not only does the scenery support how the characters are feeling, but it also …

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