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Film Review: Dirt Town

The story of Dirt Town (2019) follows an unhappy couple with their relationship on the rocks. We follow their struggles as we accompany them on their two-week-long moving road trip.

First of all, it’s a beautifully produced film. The colour-grading uses the right amount of dirtiness and grime that adds to the atmosphere of the show.

It also serves to represent where the characters are headed and in which direction the show itself is going. Additionally, there have been quite several stellar shots.

Overall, the directing is spectacular. Not only does the scenery support how the characters are feeling, but it also gives a unique atmosphere. The dreamy palette combined with earthy tones gives the film a nostalgic vibe as if you’re transported back to the 80s.

Second, great music adds so much to the experience of a film and this one certainly did not lack in that aspect. The music is woven so beautifully and naturally into the narrative that at times. It becomes too subtle to be noticed. But when it does stand out, it does so in a way that does wonders in elevating the scene.

Overall, Lisa Meuser is an amazing director. The film has been an outstandingly pleasurable audio and visual experience. The movie tackles not only complex relationships but also how they can open doors to self-discovery. It’s all about navigating love and heartbreak, and how bravery can be seen even in fragile moments.

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