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The Show Must Go On! Filming in a Time of COVID

The pandemic has posed no small number of obstacles for us over the last year.  With the lockdown in effect, changes had to be made. New adjustments have had to be adapted.

The panel ‘The Show Must Go On! Filming in a Time of COVID’ showcased online presents Black filmmakers who have participated in the Ottawa Black Film Festival (OBFF), with Patrick McCormack, the managing director of CRANIUM, as the moderator.

Here we will learn how they overcame the challenges of filming in a pandemic.

The panellists include:

Tamar Bird

a film and television producer is known for her work on The Shape of Water (2017) and Black Bodies (2020).

Zainab Muse

The CEO and Founder of Wingd, Inc. who is also the producer of Creatorland. Her second documentary, Know Her Name, focuses on the impact historic filmmakers had on the way feminism and minorities are represented on film.

Jehu Jacob Mahautiere

A filmmaker who has been in the business since 2015, catering to a diverse range of private clients and non-profit organizations.

Tamara Dawit

A producer and director based between Canada and Ethiopia. She also runs Gobez Media, a production company focusing on producing East African film, TV, digital and music content.

Patrick Kabeya

A Congolese-Canadian documentary producer based in Ottawa, Canada. The documentaries he’s produced include “Congo – Nature” (2018) and “From Patrice to Lumumba” (2019).

You’ll gain insights not only into the challenges but also how creativity can overcome them.

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