Eye For Details is a cultural, non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Canadian cinema. We aim to celebrate the moments and experiences captured behind the lens and detailed through the eye of a filmmaker. This is to give Canadian filmmakers the recognition and acknowledgement they deserve.

For years, the Canadian film and television industry has been gaining a less than stellar reputation. Criticisms mostly rooted in bad stereotypes have been repeatedly thrown towards the industry.

But the past does not define the present and current state of Canadian cinema. As the years go by, more Canadian films have made it to the headlines. It has caught the eyes of the public, even earning acclamation and praise from various critics.

Eye For Details is here to help showcase that. We’re here to alter people’s perception of Canadian cinema.

We accept all different genres. By exclusively featuring Canadian films, we can help by opening the doors for local filmmakers for more networking opportunities.

We help create a platform for filmmakers residing in Canada. We bring diverse communities together through a shared love for the film and encourage them to embrace each other’s differences.

Our goal is to inspire and connect. Some filmmakers use this as an opportunity to promote social justice. It encourages us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the society around us.