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Canadian television is reaching audiences like never before. Original Canadian dramas, comedies, children’s programming and documentaries are winning audiences and rave reviews at home and abroad. Our culture, our stories, ourselves on any screen.

Use this list as your introduction to Canadian TV shows.

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Bridging Borders 2

Bridging Borders 2

Bridging Borders is an emotional, eye-opening and inspirational documentary series that goes beyond the international headlines.

Artis 2018

Hosted by Maripier Morin and Jean-Philippe Dion, the 33rd edition of Artis is a festive get-together celebrating television at its best.

The Life-Sized City is a documentary series in which Mikael Colville-Andersen finds pleasant places that are on a human scale.

We discover the life and reality of Patrick Côté, who once practised this extreme sport, as well as a portrait of this unknown universe.

The paths of two artists who belong to totally different generations embody the evolution of francophone country music.

The officials are faced with the realities of modern sports.

The Pompiers : la relève series has us experience the daily reality of aspiring firefighters during an entire year.

A documentary, inspired by the tragedy experienced by Olympic diving medalist Sylvie Bernier, devoted to drowning prevention.

A necessary and novel invitation to rediscover the importance of vacation time!



Chronicles of the fight against surveillance

Journalist Monic Néron seeks to shed new light on one of the rare unsolved double murders involving teenagers in Québec.

The 2018 edition of the Fête Nationale sur les Plaines showcases trios—a nod to the original trio formed by Charlebois, Vigneault and Leclerc.

Un danger dans chaque bouchée presents the reality of people suffering from food allergies or whose children suffer from food allergies.

Through the quest and eyes of Kim Rusk, a mother with ADHD who is sensitive to the cause, we discover the academic challenges of a child with ADHD.

After an identity crisis, Marie-Mai needs to rediscover herself. We follow her as she goes through a period of soul searching and seeks to give her life new meaning.

180 jours is a documentary series that presents a novel incursion into the heart of a public high school.