Yukon Gold - Season V


Region: Western

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 480 minutes

Yukon Gold is a documentary series that follows four mining crews as they battle the elements and search for treasure in Canada’s last frontier . With the price of gold hovering near $1,600 an ounce a Gold Rush is on! From spring melt to fall freeze up it’s the ultimate dirty job, and these miners have four short months to earn their one BIG payday. Battling mechanical breakdowns, the elements, and 18-hour days under the midnight sun, the miners in these camps are searching for the Mother lode. And when this high stakes game is over, they’ll either be the muddiest millionaires you’ll ever meet, or they’ll just be muddy. These diehards have gold fever, and it keeps them coming back year after year for another chance to wager it all. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Klondike (5) Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Allen McGregor, Andrew Tai, Paul Joseph, Ed Long, Riley Gibson, Nika Guilbault, Chris St. Jean, Ralph Nordling,

AVAILABLE ON: TV/Télévision ,VOD/VSD ,Web/Site web

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