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Animation, Children's & Youth
English (Available dubbed in French)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 20 x 22 minutes

Dez (15), an optimistic but rookie leprechaun, has crazy misadventures as he and his friends scramble to undo the consequences of wishes he’s granted that have gone fantastically wrong.

The dictionary (Merriam-Webster’s concise, Pocket, 5th Edition) would have us believe the following:

Wish•fart /ˈwish-färt / n. E21. (Cnd) The first wish a person thinks of (blurts, farts out) when they catch a leprechaun, usually a terrible idea; the bane of a leprechaun’s existence.

Lep•re•chaun /ˈlep-rə-kän / n. E17. (Ir)  Gold-hoarding, gnarled, ultra-recluse who, once caught, is forced to grant wishes and therefore will do anything to avoid contact with others; (see: wishfart)

But who reads dictionaries anymore? Dez, an impulsive fifteen year-old, is from a new generation of leprechaun. He doesn’t want to listen to his reclusive stuck-in-the-old-ways parents, or hide under a bridge at the end of a rainbow like Uncle Stan. He wants to hang out with his friends, out in the world, having good times.

The catch is that Leprechauns have to grant wishes. But Dez is still learning how to wield his powers, so sometimes (meaning always) the wishes he grants have a way of going sideways, getting out of control, spazzing in extraordinarily random directions, and tearing apart the fabric of the multiverse. So if Dez wants his freedom (and to actually have somewhere left to call home), he has to keep saving the world from the havoc he wreaks, and do damage control for the chaotically improbable.

And it’s all worth it because there’s a whole magical world out there. Dez lives in a metropolis populated by a myriad of other mythical beings. Witches, ghosts, elves, fairies, trolls, golems, chupacabra, bigfeet—they all coexist, have jobs, commute, and go to school. (Except unicorns, who remain non-existent.) If Dr. Seuss and Hayao Miyazaki had a child together, it would draw a city that looks and behaves like Dez’s.

It’s a big challenge for a novice but Dez’s got some awesome back-up. Puffin, best buddy (and family bird), is always there to lead him astray with some terrifically misinformed advice, and Akiko, Japanese ghost girl and wild card who doesn’t really ‘get’ being solid, is always there to offer up hera unique perspective on stuff. Together they battle fate, stretch the truth, compress the space-time continuum, mend fences, have hair-raising scrapes, test their friendship, learn some stuff, and try to fit in some ‘chill time’ after total chaos is averted.

If we knew what a metaphor was, then Wishfart would probably be one for the stuff you go through as a teen, trying to make sense of all the crazy crap coming at you, and figuring out who you are. (But with more fantastical adventures, and way cooler endings.)

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Wishfart Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Dez / Mac Heywood, Akiko / Stephany Seki, Puffin / Sergio Di Zio

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