Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2016


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 44 minutes

15th ANNIVERSARY GALA – past festival favorites return for the ultimate “best-of” show. No thematic requirement for material. CUSTOMS & INTEGRATION – comics whose family came to Canada from elsewhere in the world. Could be 1st generation, 10th generation, or anywhere in between. Comparisons and contrasts between old culture and new, older generation, younger generation. A look at what being Canadian means in 2016. BORN THIS WAY - comics who are unapologetically themselves, doing autobiographical material discussing or demonstrating what makes them unique or interesting. Could be about their gender, sexuality, personality, appearance, religion, a mental illness, a disability, etc. TRUTH BOMB - comics with passionate, uncompromising opinions, doing material about how they see the world / society. ALL GEEK TO ME - self-identified nerds, geeks, and dorks doing material about their life, struggles, joys, and geeky interests and obsessions.


Coproduction Partner(s): Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Cast/Participants: Brent Butt, Craig Lauzon, Mary Walsh, Sean Cullen, Naoni Sniekus and various

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