Warrior Games

Documentary, Lifestyle, Reality
English (Available dubbed in English)

Region: Western

Duration: 13 x 30 min

Warrior Games is a youth-orientated television series that explores traditional Aboriginal sports through the eyes of gregarious host and apprentice, Steve Sxwithul’txw. Each week, Steve travels to a new territory and meets with Aboriginal youth who mentor him in their traditional as well as contemporary sports. As Steve trains through scrapes and bruises to master the sport at hand, he also discovers a deeper understanding of the culture, history and identity of the youth he eventually competes against. Warrior Games will showcase the extraordinary cultural traditions, athleticism, and personal well-being in today’s Aboriginal youth. Warrior Games serves to motivate, support, and recognize Aboriginal youth in Canada.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Warrior Games Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Steve Sxwithul'txw

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