Vrak Attak

Children's & Youth

With concentrated craziness and well-connected delirium, the Vrak Attak weekly magazine informs its young audience about absolutely everything here and everywhere in its own humorous way. 

The show brings together presenters/reporters Pascal Morrissette (the stuntman), Vanessa Pilon (trendy girl), and Nicolas Ouellet (the interview pro), who direct their antennas all over the internet and on the ground for the topics the planet’s young people are talking about. 

From the new Avengers – Age of Ultron movie, the madness of hockey playoffs, cyberbullying, and the Top 10 most dangerous selfies, to what happens when an international megastar lands in the city, and the global soundwaves of the resounding Dubsmash app, truly anything goes! 

Interviews, surprises, daring-do, slices of life, and the never-ending invasion of social media are at the forefront in this highly entertaining magazine anchored by our three spontaneous super hosts!


Cast/Participants: Nicolas Ouellet, Vanessa Pilon, Nicolas Ouellet

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