Voir Grand


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 7 x 30 minutes

Spectacular scientific breakthroughs in the past decade have achieved what was once thought impossible, to give those going blind the hope of preserving and even recovering some of their vision. Through research, we are increasingly understanding the intricate disease mechanisms that once condemned people to blindness. All of this is indeed very new because until recently, medicine was almost powerless when it came to vision diseases. It’s no wonder: the eye, with its incredible complexity, is not an organ like the others. Consisting of multiple nervous or muscular tissues, transparent or opaque membranes, the eye is an extremely delicate piece of viewing machinery. But today, thanks to science we can repair the many parts of this human camera to a much greater extent.

Voir Grand is a thematic documentary series of seven 30-minute episodes devoted to eye diseases and scientific advances in the field. Guided by the show’s host, viewers get to know the main players in this immense and captivating field of research. The series is also designed to give hope to the many people affected by eye disease today. Each of the seven 30-minute episodes explores a particular theme related to a vision problem and the research associated with it. To make things easier, the host presents the theme at the beginning of the episode and puts it in context, including a description of the problem. We get to meet researchers and other stakeholders who explain their research and its applications. We also get to meet people with the vision problems they’re hoping to treat and whose vision they may even improve. Very relevant and very moving testimonials from those the research will sooner or later have a direct impact on their daily lives.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom Inc.

Cast/Participants: Christine Rousseau

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