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Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 8 x 52 minutes

Urgences: A total immersion series right in the heart of the cities and the action, an up-close look at the men and women working as ambulance attendants in emergency units.
The goal of the series is to show what’s involved in an incredibly demanding job, because to be a good emergency responder, you often find yourself in some very dramatic situations, ignoring your own needs, and putting your emotions in check. Like in so many of their interventions, the series itself is as intense as life-and-death. Because on crash sites and in hospitals that’s what is really at stake. These are the anonymous emergency-room heroes who are the first to provide care and put patients out of harm’s way. What they do is crucial because patients’ lives are literally in their hands.
As a tribute to the unwavering dedication of these emergency teams, the series features a beat-driven script, action-oriented images, and a fresh perspective on their work from a variety of angles. By following interventions as closely as possible, Urgences dramatically illustrates the tremendous struggles they undergo where saving the other person is all that counts. Action at a breathtaking pace and players with the courage to handle anything they face!