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Une vie après la mort

Documentary, Suspense/Thriller
French (Available subtitled in English)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 69 minutes

Une greffe pour la vie depicts the lives of three individuals each waiting for an organ transplant – a race against time, from the moment a donor’s loved ones give their consent… to the day of the life-saving operation.

For a severely ill person expecting an organ donation, life is a stressful mix of hope and doubt. As their very existence is hanging by a thread, waiting can be fatal…

Shannon is a young woman with cystic fibrosis who is running out of life; Nolan, all of three years old, is dealing with terminal cancer; and Suzanne has been waiting so long for a kidney to bring her back to life. Three people living a life on hold… How are they coping with the unbearable wait? And how will events unfold after a transplant? As the film depicts their daily struggles, it fully gauges the invaluable and often vital impact of an anonymous, selfless act.

Une greffe pour la vie also highlights the contribution of the donor, 64-year-old Denise, the difficult choices her grieving family is making, and the work of doctors, nurses and other medical stakeholders who, while simply doing their job, are far from immune to what’s going on. This is an incredible human journey that deeply affects everyone involved in different and unique ways.


Cast/Participants: François Méthé (réalisateur)