Ukaliq & Kalla

Children's & Youth
English (Available dubbed in Aboriginal & subtitled in Bilingual)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Duration: 11:00

Set in the arctic, Ukaliq & Kalla is an educational children’s series, a blend of 2D animation and live action, that follows two lively characters—Ukaliq, an excitable and impatient arctic hare, and Kalla, an even-tempered and intelligent lemming. This unlikely pair leads viewers on entertaining and educational adventures that teach valuable lessons to a young audience. Often unprepared and impatient, Ukaliq tends to get himself into trouble, but Kalla is always right behind with his calm and thoughtful nature to lend a hand and help a friend. Together, Ukaliq and Kalla, with the help of our warm and welcoming host Rita Claire, provide teachable moments for our preschool audience of 2- to 5-year-olds.


Cast/Participants: Celina Kalluk, Thomas Anguti Johnston, Vinnie Karetak

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