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Tu ne m'as pas tuée


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 10 x 30 minutes

If it wasn’t bad enough that Diane Grégoire was so deeply affected by the death of her mother, her father, Paul Laplante, is the one charged with her murder. Elizabeth’s quest will lead her to mothers and fathers whose children have been killed by former spouses or to children who have lost one parent at the hands of the other. “I was 19 when my world collapsed. Before this series, I had decided not to speak publicly about these events. For the first time ever, I opened the door into my private hell to tell our story. It was an opportunity for me to pay tribute to my mother and to bring closure, in a way, to an especially painful chapter in my life.” Tu ne m’as pas tuée is an attempt to understand how such bereaved and vulnerable people can rebuild their lives, get back a reason for living, and hope for the future. The series highlights the unexpected reserves of strength human beings have within themselves to recover, a description of what resilience means in every sense.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom Inc.

Cast/Participants: Elizabeth Laplante

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