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To Each Its Own Crusade


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 60'

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the subsequent fighting in eastern Ukraine turned into a full-blown war, leading to disastrous results in the relationship between the two nations, who historically referred to the other as ‘brother’. There is no doubt Ukraine is the victim in this conflict, which began with the protest in Independence Square by thousands of citizens speaking out against the country’s corrupt government led by President Yanukovych. We meet war veterans, Sergey Tovstik; Vyacheslav Buynovskiy and Sergey Kovalev who continue to struggle to recover from the mental, physical and emotional aguish – trying to make sense of their own sacrifices and the losses suffered by so many during the war. For them, there is no love lost for Putin’s Russia and its propaganda. They dream of a liberated, democratic Ukraine, free from indifferent bureaucrats, unscrupulous and corrupt officials and overt Russian agents. They will continue to fight for the homeland that they love, to release it from the clutches of ‘big brother’, regardless the cost. But they also hope for peace and a renewed respect between Russian and Ukraine. This is their crusade. Gennady Berezovsky is a native of Kiev, and now calls Toronto his home. Back in Ukraine, he visited a hospital and was shocked by the lack of the most basic medical necessities and staff, and faulty equipment. Upon his return to Canada he sought out Canadians willing to sponsor wounded Ukrainian soldiers. He also organized the collection of funds for disabled Ukrainian soldiers in need of prostheses and wheelchairs; he was even able to raise funds for surgeries in Canada for those wounded and in desperate need of medical attention not available to them in their homeland. Gennady’s is a more personal crusade – and one of a true hero. To Each Its Own Crusade shares these stories of true heroes and defends the values of democracy, which are based first and foremost on the protection of human rights and freedoms.