Tian Guo Bands TV

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Tian Guo Marching Bands (working title)-TV SYNOPSIS

Music is the universal language that overcomes all boundaries of culture and creed.

Tian Guo Marching Bands are a perfect sample of the magic power of music.

Tian Guo Bands exist in seven countries. Each band has 100-300 members, from all walks of life and different ethnic backgrounds. Tian Guo Bands truly represent a multicultural society and has become the largest local Chinese marching band in many countries. The first Tian Guo Band was formed in New York City, and then spread to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Europe.

Every year, Tian Guo Bands around the world not only perform in most of the popular local parades and community events, but also make an effort to be part of famous international parades.

Ranging in age from 11 to 70 years, it is hard to believe that 98% of the band members had no musical experience before joining the band. Most of them are immigrants. Besides practicing their instruments, the members face the challenges of everyday life like everyone else.

Besides that, some performers or their family members have experienced severe persecution in China for their belief of Falun Gong. However, no matter how harsh situation they are facing, Tian Guo Band members always try their best to bring positive and uplifting energy to people, and create awareness to the persecution in China.

There are ups and downs.  But through struggles and tears, Tian Guo Band members persevere in their path to success.

The film will follow their footprints through the coming year to reveal the touching stories beneath, presenting challenging moments, and showing tears, pride, and courage of the members.

The documentary will be delivered in HD and will last over 75 minutes.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: New Realm Film and Video Inc.