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The Wild Ones


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2019

THE WILD ONES is a thrilling action-adventure series that follows a crack team of indigenous locals, ex-pat American settlers and expert horse trainers, united in a high-octane mission to save the majestic herd of wild horses in their midst.

In the Nemiah Valley – a pristine wilderness on Canada’s west coast – roams an elusive and majestic herd of wild horses who have thrived here for centuries. But a recent spike in their population is pitting horse against horse in a bitter fight for survival. Together with an elite team of cowboys, the Xeni Gwet’in First Nation is taking on the challenge of restoring the population to sustainable levels – executing an ambitious plan to capture and train some of Nemiah’s best prospects to be either shipped abroad or put to work right in the Valley.

But bringing in these majestic creatures is no easy task. They are among the smartest, strongest and rarest horses on the planet. Every chase is a high-octane adventure – the ultimate test of a rider’s skills and determination. It’s a wild ride that demands limitless courage, nerves of steel and a love of the chase.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Breaking Wild Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Jimmy Lulua, Howard Lulua, Mike "Hawk" Hawkridge

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