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Children's & Youth

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Featuring fun moves, memorable music and catchy lyrics, The Moblees turns home viewers into home do-ers by getting them off the floor and into the action through direct-to-camera address and playful participation. The series stars five loveable characters who — along with do-ers at home — overcome obstacles through teamwork and movement: feisty Bailey Butterfly; her spontaneous younger brother, Carlin Caterpillar; brainy perfectionist Gisbert Grasshopper; tail-waggity optimist Dasha Dog; and super smooth Sylvio Snake. Kids from around the world also share their own Moblee moves in the series.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Shaftesbury Films Inc.

Cast/Participants: Chris George, Matthew Nethersole, Michelle Bouey, Shannon Hamilton, Scott Farley