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The Gumboot Kids Holiday Specials

Children's & Youth

Region: Western

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 5 min

Join Scout and Daisy as he leads the Gumboot Kids outside to mindfully explore the wonders of nature and celebrating the joy of Christmas, spring and Valentine’s Day! Each episode also features Jessie Farrell and an original song.

This award-winning pre-school series inspires families to head outside to engage their senses and discover the natural world. Mixing the magic of traditional stop-motion animation with CGI animation and live-action, each episode of Scout & The Gumboot Kids has a tactile, artistic, and visually rich feel. The visual style, along with soulful music, is a delight for the whole family.

This magical, whimsical series creates a bridge between the family room and the great outdoors.

“Children today spend less time outdoors than any generation in human history. Yet we know that a daily dose of nature makes kids smarter, more curious and creative. It’s simple: Kids need more nature! We think Scout & the Gumboot Kids is an excellent teaching tool for families, encouraging them to spend more time outdoors connecting with nature.”

                                    Ian Hanington, Senior Editor, David Suzuki Foundation

 “Scout & the Gumboot Kids is creating a “new normal” for an entire generation. This pioneering series transports young children into the practice of mindfulness and the magic of nature. The values of gratitude, appreciation and respect will
stay with young viewers throughout a lifetime, creating a world we all want to live in.”

                        Sandra de Castro Buffington, Founding Director,  The UCLA Global Media Centre for Social Impact

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Imagine Create Media Inc.

Cast/Participants: Adrian Petriw, Asleigh Ball

AVAILABLE ON: Web/Site web ,TV/Télévision

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