Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2015

Duration: 50 mins

It’s easy to assume that young people would rather party than get involved in politics. And it’s easy to blame young people themselves for low voter turnouts in elections. But is that the whole story? The Drop: Why Young People Don’t Vote follows Dylan Playfair, a “millennial” who’s more interested in gaining insights about his generation than confirming simple assumptions.

In the midst of a provincial election, Dylan’s home province of BC acts as a jumping off point to the film’s exploration, followed by Toronto’s hotly anticipated municipal election featuring Rob and Doug Ford and a plucky young mayoral candidate. In Ottawa, an influential visit to Parliament Hill puts Canada’s political leaders on the spot.

The exploration moves down to the US, where Dylan experiences the mid-terms in North Carolina and uncovers barriers to voting. His education continues as he visits Ferguson Missouri, still grieving and angry after the tragic death of Michael Brown. Throughout the film – including a trip to Nevada’s Burning Man -- Dylan moves through contrasting political spaces in his quest to understand the multitude of ways that people become politically engaged.

Dylan Playfair will investigate and present the concepts as the principal character on a quest to answer the many questions surrounding the subject of why young people don't vote. In doing so, he will also come closer to understanding something about his place in our culture and the current state of our democracy. The film will consist of 4 chapters. 1. To Vote or Not To Vote: Why It's Important.  2. I Don't Vote Because… Investigating The Typical Answers, 3. They Would Vote If Only… Investigating The Typical Solutions. 4. Where Do We Go From Here… Final Thoughts!

The Drop: Why Young People Don’t Vote is a one-hour TV documentary produced by Kensington Communications and Triple Threat Films for TVO, CPAC and other broadcasters.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Kensington Communications Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): Triple Threat Films

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