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The Big Downsize


Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 5 x 30 min.

De-cluttering queen Jane Veldhoven, knows what it takes to get this job done. She’s been helping people downsize their lives for over 15 years and she’s about to start this journey with two more families in over their heads.

Before Pam can start living her new single life, she needs to somehow move from a packed house into a one bedroom apartment. The MacNeil siblings are facing the overwhelming job of clearing out their childhood home to get ready to put on the market.

The Big Downsize is an exploration of why we love our possessions so much and the emotional baggage and stress that comes crashing down when there is no choice but to let things go.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Tell Tale Productions Inc.

Cast/Participants: Jane Veldhoven


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