Tastes of Canada


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 30'

Tastes of Canada is the television component to the digital media project, Taste the Diversity. While each webisode of the Taste the Diversity online series will focus on a particular ethnic community, their foods and traditional dining styles, Tastes of Canada will present a broader view of Canada’s diversity from the perspective of food, in an historical context. This 30’ documentary special provides viewers with a bigger picture of the multicultural food industry in Canada, covering:

  • A brief history of Canadian diversity and diversity of cuisines.  This will be achieved by exploring the topics of when and how ethnic foods were first introduced to the Canadian public; and
  • An investigation into the social and economic benefits of the ethnic restaurant and food industry in Canada. We will interview business leaders and experts in the restaurant and food industry to further our understanding of the significant impact of multiculturalism to a communities’ economy, with specific reference to eating establishments