Tansi! Nehiyawetan

Children's & Youth

Since one of the best ways to learn is through personal experience, Tansi! Nehiyawetan reflects an audience’s reality by focusing on its interests – from music, pow-wows, art and sports, space, Christmas, the winter solstice and the medicine wheel.

The cast (Kai, Kayla) and teacher (Auntie Josephine) invite 5-to-8-year-olds to learn Cree – and about Aboriginal traditions – as a way of improving their understanding of different cultures.

The show’s research suggests its template can be adapted to other languages. In this sense, speaking one’s own indigenous language contributes not just to a young person’s identity, but also to their intellectual development.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Nehiyawetan Productions

Cast/Participants: Josephine Small, Kai Todd-Darrell, Kayla Dakis

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Awards & Nominations


WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival Remi Awards


ImagineNATIVE Festival