Sylvie à l'école


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 44 min,30 sec.

Sylvie à l’école tells the story of school teacher Sylvie Giroux and her special group of students. From September to June, we follow the adventures of a dedicated teacher who has taught children with autism, Down’s syndrome, suffering from dyspraxia, severe anxiety, or intellectual disability with passion and intensity for over 25 years. In an atmosphere of respect, humour, and love, the film captures moments that are sometimes serious, sometimes funny, when her students in cooking class workshops or school plant-watering sessions, succeed in developing their skills while acquiring better self-esteem. We also look in on sessions devoted to self-evaluation and positive reinforcement where, through their improvised exchanges, students talk about their sorrows, their joys, and their dreams while their guardian angel, Sylvie Giroux, watches over their little world.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Michel Gauthier productions inc.