Sur les routes de la science

French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 10 x 52 minutes

In the Sur les routes de la science series, senior scientific journalists Emilie Martin (from France) and Canadian Marie-Pier Élie travel the world to meet the most eminent researchers in the fields they’re looking into for answers to major scientific questions. They help us to discover and share in the lives of the scientists working to advance our knowledge of the world we live in. Renowned scientists are selected based on the reputation of their work and their contributions to humankind’s progress. They’re the ones actively working on the next generation of great discoveries, helping to advance science on the ground in the real world. The mission of each episode it to dissect an important scientific question, one that is certain to be a major issue in the near future. It’s the kind of field work that allows viewers to get a concrete understanding of what is really going on and that places the research in a clear external framework for action.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Téléfiction Productions inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): Ma Drogue à moi

Cast/Participants: Marie-Pier Élie, Emilie Martin