Smoke Traders

English (Available dubbed in French)

The multimillion dollar contraband tobacco trade has pulled Mohawks out of third-world poverty, but is the activity criminal or entrepreneurial? Smoke Traders looks at the effect on individual lives and communities from a Native perspective.

Tax-free tobacco is a guaranteed treaty right, according to defenders. It’s also an economic lifeline that’s taken whole communities from rags to riches in just decades. But officials say the trade deprives Canadians of millions in tax revenues.

Once Europeans ran the North American tobacco trade. Now First Nations people are taking it back. Smoke Traders, in following some of the characters and events central to the story, poses important questions. Is the trade a road to independence or criminality? Are there deadly costs that outweigh the benefits? Should traders be opposed or supported?

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Rezolution Pictures

Cast/Participants: Brian White, Robbie Dickson, Timmy Montour

Awards & Nominations


Golden Sheaf Awards


Canadian Screen Awards


Dreamspeakers Film Festival


American Indian Film Festival