Ruptures IV


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 42 minutes X 12 épisodes

The previous season ended with a stunningly dramatic image: Ariane in front of a client threatening to commit suicide and killing the child from an illegitimate relationship between his wife and her lover. In trying to save her client, ‘Saint Ariane’ has put herself in an extremely dangerous situation. Will she actually be able to convince the man from doing something he cannot undo? And how will she do it when his situation seems so totally hopeless?

That’s how Season 4 opens up. Ariane emerges physically and mentally drained from a situation that is strikingly similar to the events surrounding the murder of her father when she was just a child. The emotional tension of the hostage-taking and everything she went through professionally and personally in Season 3 has finally caught up with her. She wobbles...and then falls!

Does her dizziness and fainting mask a health problem? Is it due to emotion or exhaustion? One thing is certain: she must take better care of herself, her body, and her mind. Ariane is in search of balance. Will she be able to follow the advice of her doctors? Will she finally learn to delegate, make more room for her personal life, for friendship, and for love? Will she be able to keep her overly intrusive emotions at bay?

Especially since life spares no one. On the one hand there are the clients she cannot refuse to help and support. On the other hand, there’s the death of her lover Antoine’s wife, and the grief and regret that haunt her and redefines their relationship. There’s her ex, Étienne, who resurfaces, the broken link she has with her mother, Mireille, the conflicting emotions that make her feel alive, and the revelations surrounding the murder of her father...And Claude, whom she accompanies throughout her confrontations with Jean-Luc and on her path towards sobriety. A choice that could cost Ariane her practice and her reputation...and she is more aware of her limits than ever before. She feels she’s going one step forward and two steps backwards more often than not. Is she sidestepping what is really essential, a family of her own, life’s simple pleasures? Is giving so much to so many simply exhausting or is she really doing useful work? Despite all her good intentions, she realizes that she is not a superwoman, as her body repeatedly reminds her...

Her very complicated relationship with Antoine, her quest for identity that takes her down so many winding roads, the setbacks she experiences in her practice, and the endless duelling between Claude and Jean-Luc make her scream out for simplicity and security. And then there’s Étienne who offers to take care of everything for her. Will she succumb to his siren’s song? In her fragile condition she hangs on for dear life. She’s finally getting to know her limits and, just in the nick of time, might avoid the next fateful fall...

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Aetios Productions

Cast/Participants: Mélissa Désormeaux-Poulin, Isabel Richer, Vincent Guillaume-Otis, Sylvie Léonard, Steve Gagnon, Normand D'Amour, Dominique Laniel, Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, Catherine Trudeau, Julie Ringuette, Serge Postigo, Jacques Allard et Guy Nadon

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