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Forget Hollywood, Disneyland, Silicon Valley, Napa and Beverly Hills. Get ready to visit a very different California. Deep in the grip of an epic drought, the Golden State is looking a lot like the Dust Bowl these days. And there’s no shortage of finger­-pointing and drought shaming.

RUNNING ON EMPTY is the story both a natural disaster and a man­-made catastrophe. Californians are forced to admit that they’re not just up a creek without a paddle, but they’re losing the creek too.

Now the hard questions are being asked. Where did all the water go? And what needs to change to save California from itself?

RUNNING ON EMPTY, and its host - Canadian scientist Nick Eyles, examine how California is drained its oasis dry and how it ignored decades of accepted science about water. Having avoided the grim reckoning that results from doing its water accounting accurately, the state is now facing a stark reality — the simple fact is California is running out of water. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 2480331 Ontario Ltd.

Cast/Participants: David Suzuki, Nick Eyles