Romeos & Juliets


Five couples contend for the main roles of Romeo and Juliet in a ballet choreographed by Alexei Ratmansky, an inspired artist The New Yorker has called “ballet’s most sought-after man.”

The stakes are high for the National Ballet of Canada, the nation’s premier dance company: this production represents a bid to tour world stages again. The five couples in the documentary – Elena and Guillaume, Heather and McGee, Greta and Aleksandar, Sonia and Naoya, and Chelsy and Brendan – face immense pressures.

They have varying degrees of dance experience but, as the remarkable new ballet winds its way from rehearsals to opening night, the complex choreography adds another burden for the potential winners: it could make or break the show. The tight schedule allows for no mistakes.

Expectations are high, and even choreographer Ratmansky feels the heat as concerns mount about whether the ballet will be finished on time. Opening night arrives, the curtain rises and the dancers must push through exhaustion and personal frustrations for a chance to triumph on the world stage.


Cast/Participants: Rex Harrington ,Karen Kain, Alexei Ratmansky, Aleksandar Antonijevi, Greta Hodgkinson, Guillaume Côté, Elena Lobsanova, Brendan Saye, Chelsy Meiss, McGee Maddox, Heather Ogden, Naoya Ebe, Sonia Rodriguez

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