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The public Richard Garneau was a famous journalist and sports commentator, the radio voice of Canadian sports. He covered 23 Olympic Games during his 52-year professional career. He promised to call it a day after the 2016 Rio Olympics. But that day never came. He died in 2013.   

In this documentary, Stéphane Garneau sets out to discover this passionate man that was his father. The journey begins with extracts from the archives, anecdotes from colleagues in sports, radio and television that recall the many exciting moments from Richard Garneau’s life as a sportscaster. You really have to listen to his breathtaking account of the final seconds of a 100-metre dash to understand just how very much alive and vibrant he was. What his son hopes to get close to is the man behind the sports commentator, the man who was capable of such passion. It’s this that Stéphane tries to get in touch with in tracing his father’s journey. Just who was Richard Garneau? A son’s quest for a father often away from home also provides an opportunity to relive the history of the Olympic Games.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Pixcom inc.

Cast/Participants: Stéphane Garneau