Quest OutWest Wild Food

English (Available dubbed in Aboriginal & subtitled in Aboriginal)

Region: Western

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 23 Minutes

Eating healthy does not have to expensive and it’s good for you! 

Season 2, Quest OutWest Wild Food launches on Canada’s own Aboriginal Peoples Television Network (APTN). This breathtaking new season promises viewers a colorful visual feast of 13 more heartwarming stories about the people, places and their roots connected to fine hearty food from the land. 

Host Tracey Kim Bonneau brings her warm personality and down to earth adventure to the outdoor kitchen, to talk with her friends about good health and gorgeous fresh food.  

Learn the history and culture connected to the stories that are set in spectacular backdrop of British Columbia’s, Okanagan Valley and along the shores of the West Coast in beautiful Tofino British Columbia.  

Each week they share a new adventure, making honey, fishing the old way, sharing wild and organic foods, all while preparing them into practical meals. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Brightlight Pictures

Coproduction Partner(s): Of The Land Productions

Cast/Participants: Tracey Kim Bonneau

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