Pure ‑ Season 2


Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 6 x 1 hour

Abandoned by Noah at the end of Season 1, ANNA must fend for herself and her children after she’s excommunicated from her Mennonite community. When we meet her in Season 2, the farm has been sold and the Funks are living in a run-down house in Antioch. Working as a cleaning woman, Anna is drowning in debt when along comes HECTOR ESTRADA and his enforcer OCTAVIO ORFF. As soldiers for the same cartel that supplied Eli Voss with all of his product, it’s their job to rebuild the Ontario end of the cocaine pipeline that Noah tore down. Who better than Anna Funk to re-organize the operation?  “No” is not an option with these men but just in case Anna thinks about going to the police, Estrada takes Isaak as insurance.

Enter our new cop, the young, ambitious, etiquette-challenged Ontario Police Services forensic accountant VALERIE KROCHAK. Having detected the scent of cartel cash washing through a complex real estate scheme in her backyard, Val is determined to follow it to its source. Trouble is, whoever is laundering this money is using migrant Mennonites to do the dirty work. Which means Val needs an insider to crack the wall of silence. Who better than Noah Funk? After wandering down to Central America in an effort to escape the shame he feels for murdering Eli Voss, Noah has drifted all the way back to a men’s shelter in a nearby city. And that’s where his brother Abel, rejuvenated after his brush with death, finds him – just in time to protect Noah from the cops and the criminals.

Season 2 is shaped by these two opposing forces. On one side: the ambitious, calculating Krochak, hell-bent on capturing Estrada. On the other: the equally ruthless Estrada who will do whatever it takes to keep moving his product into Canada. Caught in the middle are Noah and Anna who want nothing more than to be reunited and return to the plain life they once enjoyed.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Two East Productions Inc. ,Cineflix Media Inc.

Cast/Participants: Ryan Robbins, Alex Paxton‑Beesley, Zoie Palmer, Gord Rand, Jessica Clement, Dylan Everett, Christopher Heyerdahl, Victor Gomez, Conrad Pla

AVAILABLE ON: TV/Télévision ,VOD/VSD ,Web/Site web

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