Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs V

Variety & Performing Arts
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: N/A

Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs is a major variety show recorded in front of a live audience, where the late and lamented guest takes a seat on the set. Hosted by Patrice L’Ecuyer, the show is a sequence of musical numbers and skits inspired by the ‘death’ of the guest. In other words, with humour and glamour, it’s just is as if the time had come to say goodbye and pay a last tribute – except that the deceased is unlikely to see their life flash before their eyes since they are really still with us, alive and well and in the flesh! To start each show, we see a humorous skit where we actually witness the last moments of the demise of featured guests, as they cross over from life to death under the most absurd and crazy circumstances.

This is followed by a veritable avalanche of flowers, but also the brickbats that traditionally greet the departure of the great of this world, all in a string of entertaining segments built around the guest: sketches or humorous monologues, summary of a news report from the morgue, praise or criticism from peers and the media, vox pop presented as if the guest were truly dead, all punctuated by musical numbers in the honour of the guest.

In short, the show presents a range of ‘surprise’ scripted segments designed to destabilize, enchant, tease, and move the deceased – and surprise the audience just as much! Guests, often friends, family, and colleagues, willingly participate in these loving and humorous numbers.

Sitting back on the big set of the show, guests participate and respond in their lifetime and before our eyes to what is said about them – the good and the bad. They’re confronted with their life, their image, the ups and downs of their careers and reputations.

The guests on Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs are personalities who’ve made their mark in their chosen field, who have a colourful history which more than once caused controversy, envy, admiration…or all three. They’re the stars that fascinate the public and their peers, and who also know how to laugh at themselves in the process.

More funny than macabre and with a touch of the voyeuristic, Prière de ne pas envoyer de fleurs is a new kind of TV get-together that is both intriguing and attractive, and never short on humour and emotion!


Cast/Participants: Patrice L'Écuyer

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