Premières rencontres au pays des Wahgoshigs

English, French (Available subtitled in Bilingual)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 4 x 30 minutes

A group of Franco-Ontarians respond to an invitation from Algonquins on the Wahgoshig Reserve and travel to visit their community in Northern Ontario on Lake Abitibi. For a full 2 weeks, the group will be introduced to the daily life of Indigenous people and their culture. Many Algonquins speak French and happily serve as guides for their guests. During their stay, the Franco-Ontarians will live with their Indigenous hosts and share in their daily activities, including sports. To make this a truly unique encounter they’ll be able to dialogue with the Wahgoshig on the important issues they face. The objective is to expose the unfounded prejudices the Indigenous face by providing an invited group of guests with an in-depth experience in how they actually live.

The host Wahgoshig community is dynamic, proud of its culture, forward-looking, and open to communication. Over the course of the documentaries, viewers will also get to know the Franco-Ontarians. The guests come from diverse backgrounds, belong to different generations and cultures, and have the know-how to relate to the current interests of the Wahgoshig. Viewers will discover what the guests expect before they leave and then their actual reactions to their new environment during their stay. This way they’ll be able to see how each one’s thinking and perceptions change over the 2-week period.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Histoires autochtones inc. ,Productions Testa Inc.

Cast/Participants: Première Nation des Wahgoshigs, Mariette Carrier-Fraser, Laurent Vaillancourt, Vincent Lalande,Njacko Backo, Yassine Boutaya, Godelive Majamu

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