Pour une raison X ou Y de Boucar Diouf

Comedy, Variety & Performing Arts

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 95 minutes

Telling it like it is, entertaining, and teaching are the hallmarks of Boucar Diouf, one of today’s most brilliant comedians.

Human reproduction is a very sexy subject indeed. Boucar Diouf’s fertile mind delved into the subject during his last show to deepen our understanding of the complex mechanisms that make it all work…and the pretext for his incredible new foray into the most fundamental of the life sciences. In his Pour une raison X ou Y show, filmed at the Grand Théâtre de Québec, the comedian and doctor in biology brings us up to speed with a spiel on what make us ‘us’ and the origin of life itself. Fertilization, childbirth, fatherhood, and motherhood, are all covered in a human comedy that shines with his refined intelligence. Viewers will be mesmerized in a universe of human biology filled with poetry and humanity, like nobody but Boucar Diouf can conjure up.

It’s a show that expands the mind, warms the heart, works the body, and stimulates the imagination.


Cast/Participants: Boucar Diouf

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