Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 33 épisodes x 30 minutes

Play youth magazine takes its audience on a tour of the music world through an exciting range of diverse segments explained with the obvious passion moderator Nicolas Ouellet has for the subject. The star segments scheduled on the show include: Nicovers where a known artist or next-generation performer interprets a hit song, Classe de maître (master class) where a musical artist delves deep into the various facets of their craft, Fabrique-moi un clip (make me a clip) where the team produces a video clip from songs a guest has a fetish for, Lifestyle where the extraordinary diversity of musical genres is explored...not to mention a range of surprise segments where imagination, humour, and music merge. Play is where known and unknown musicians get down and get together. It’s a super musical journey as experienced through the eyes and the ears of widely respected rhythmical epicure Nicolas Ouellet.


Cast/Participants: Nicolas Ouellet

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