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Planète BRBR

Variety & Performing Arts

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 52 minutes

After the success of the ‘BRBR Le Conquérant’ tour, where our team went out to meet Francophone artists across the country, a new gang, led by Franco-Ontarian singer and radio host Stef Paquette, now takes to the road to find the rising stars of tomorrow.

In fall 2016, BRBR organized auditions in front of juries made up of local artists and representatives of the local music industry, including Arthur Comeau (former Radio Radio and Halifax Tide School Collective co-founder), Menoncle Jason (Le countryman de Moncton), Céleste Lévis (the Sudbury singer discovered on La Voix), Paul Cournoyer (member of Alberta’s Post-Script indie folk group), Shawn Jobin, the Franco-Saskatchewan rapper…and more!

From Halifax to Vancouver, a total of 10 candidates (one per city) are selected at the auditions to participate in the musical playoffs in Toronto. Sponsored by known artists they meet during these events, candidates will have the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of experience and advice of their mentors. These include Franco-Ontarian singer-songwriter Melanie Brulée, pop-folk-rock artist and multiple Trille Or (golden trillium) nominee Mehdi Cayenne, high-energy bass player François Cuningham of the Toronto-based ska punk reggae group The Cardboard Crowns, New Brunswick singer-songwriter Joseph Edgar who gained public acclaim with his unforgettable song Espionne Russe, and Ottawa rapper Yao.

Planète BRBR is a musical and human adventure that promises to literally change lives! Musical mates for the duration of the events, it is by being together that the candidates live this unique experience.

Several candidates will be eliminated at the end of each event. The two finalists will meet on May 13, 2017 before a nationally recognized jury in the grand finale broadcast live simultaneously on TFO and on the BRBR Facebook page.

The winner will be the first musical explorer invited to plant his or her flag on Planète BRBR and will take home an extraordinary prize to launch his or her career: studio recording of an EP, production of a video clip, and a $5000 scholarship!


Cast/Participants: Stef Paquette, Christine Comeau, Menoncle Jason, Gabrielle Archer, Arthur Comeau

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