Pirates - Adventures in Art

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In this animated series, Queen Conformia aims to stamp out all traces of individuality among her subjects. Her royal opponent, Princess Cleo, stays safe aboard the pirate ship Mona Lisa. Not only does she have the huge Encyclopedia Artifactorium – which contains all known facts about art – she and Captain Leonardo plan to roam the world for all the art knowledge they can bring back to Chroma.

Conformia and her henchman, the willing but dim-witted Admiral Krank, try to chase them down. But Leonardo and Princess Cleo, along with first mate Fresco del Gecko (a talking, rigging-savvy lizard), and Skelly (their chief-cook-and-bottle-washer skeleton) are hard to corner.


Cast/Participants: Ivan Sherry, Nicole Stamp, Carlos Diaz, Jayne Eastwood, Tajja Isen, Joseph Motiki, James Rankin

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