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French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 67 min

In the twilight of her career, Canada’s Queen of Disco, Patsy Gallant, struggles to redefine herself before turning 70, armed only with her determination, charm, and that signature voice that made her a star.

Patsy Gallant has spent the majority of her life in the spotlight, starting at three years old, from her days with the Gallant sis- ters, to Disco stardom and a network television show, she has sold over three million albums worldwide and won numerous awards, including three Junos. Best known as Canada’s Queen of Disco, Patsy fled to Paris when disco died in the 1980’s to became one of the most celebrated character’s in Starmania,
a rock-opera that has amassed unprecedented success. However, after an unexpected flop that crippled her financially, Patsy was forced to return to Canada and live together with her wayward teenage son, in an attempt to earn back the beloved audience she had left behind. Now entering the twilight of her life, Patsy fights to redefine herself one last time, in the hopes that underneath the entertainer that the world has come to know, lies an artist they have yet to discover.

PATSY is a feature documentary on the life, career and music of this iconic performer. Her secret box of personal songs, some dating back 30 or 40 years forms an original narrative in the film. Her lifelong dream to record and release them, even though she has no money to do it, reveals the endearing, combative passion of Patsy Gallant. As she says so well ‘‘these songs are the story of my life.’’

The film covers all of Patsy’s 65 years on stage from her humble Acadian roots, where she is born into a poor family of 10 kids and cast with her older sisters to sing in local churches and then on trains to raise money for her parents, to her wild heyday in the 1970’s as Canada’s Disco Queen and then onwards in the 1990’s to her 10 years in Paris as the Diva of Starmania. Along with her dream to release an album

of her own songs, PATSY the documentary tackles the controversial and challenging rela- tionship between her and her only child, Jason, now 30 years old. A musical talent himself, the film grapples with their complex co-depen- dence and delves into the musical world of a mother-son relationship that is still struggling to grow up. The film is rich in archives, live performances and personal narratives and takes viewers on a powerful, biographical journey into the world of one of Canada’s greatest musical talents. 


Cast/Participants: Patsy Gallant

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