Ouache 3

Children's & Youth

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 20 x 12 minutes

It’s Season 3 and back to school for our three teachers, David, Marie-Claude, and François. Although they’re working out of a new location – renovations at the school gave them no choice – they can still dig up some disgusting stuff from everyday life: like mice, bacteria, and mushrooms...Yuck!

Curious and dynamic, the three friends always try to determine if the thing in question is really disgusting or if, on examining it more closely, you can understand it better and see that what it does is really useful. Our heroes bravely continue their exploration of disgusting topics in their daily adventures.


Cast/Participants: Marie-Claude Blanchet, Jean-Marc Dalphond, David Leblanc, François Morin

AVAILABLE ON: TV/Télévision ,VOD/VSD ,Web/Site web

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