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Opération Père Noël


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 48 minutes

For the past 12 years, children have had a chance to write letters to anonymous Santa Clauses: generous donors who, for a moment on December 25, allow them to get their hands on the only (and most precious) gifts they’ll ever have the chance to open. But the gift is not just a doll, a pair of skates, or a videogame. There’s a lot more in the box. There’s renewed pride. There’s also quite often renewed trust in adults, too. And above all, for at least one special moment, knowing they mean something to some other person.

The Opération Père Noël documentary tell the stories (through the eyes of inspiring individuals like the founders of the organization, social workers, reception centre workers, teachers, volunteers, and donors) behind these tiny handwritten letters that are traditionally associated with the magic of childhood but in reality are more like messages in a bottle thrown into a sea of despair. Because on December 25, 2018, the letters will be more numerous than ever, as they are every year...and thousands of children will never get any gifts at all if Opération Père Noël doesn’t come through for them.