Once An Immigrant


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 44 minutes

The Irish experience is the universal Canadian immigrant experience – representative of ALL immigrant experience in Canada. We are telling a story that will resonate with everyone in Canada from Afghans to Zambians.

Once An Immigrant follows Canadian actor Peter Keleghan as he embarks on a journey of discovery – brandishing his playful sense of humour and irony to track the history of the Irish diaspora in Canada. He starts his journey in Canada before moving on to Ireland, looking for what his family left behind. Using baggage as a metaphor for the inherited weight carried by an immigrant’s ethnic legacy, it uses spiky discussion, personal encounters and clever animation to simplify, but never diminish, the immigrant’s task of establishing Canada as home. It starts in the now, goes back, and over there, and comes back to Canada on the cusp of 2017.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Markham Street Films Inc.

Cast/Participants: Peter Keleghan

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