Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 60 minutes

When I started talking about it, everyone told me it was a crazy idea.

But for me, it was a dream…

Connect five continents by swimming.

It’s my story and the story of my team of motivated, dedicated people united by a desire to surpass themselves and by a sense of adventure.

From the initial idea, through rigorous training, laborious preparations, and overcoming logistical, political, financial, and human problems to make the dream come true.

The five crossings involve daunting challenges where the risks are enormous and that continually push me to face my own limits, in unknown, sometimes hostile environments, but always with a clear idea in mind: SUCCESS.

What I want is for my story to inspire people, to put the idea of pursuing their dreams into their hearts and minds, and then overcoming whatever obstacles are necessary to make them a reality.


Cast/Participants: Normand Piché