French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2017

Duration: 8 X 30 minutes

Ten talented young leaders have accepted the challenge to go on an adventure that will push them to their limits.

Synopsis: Ten talented young leaders have accepted the challenge to go on an adventure that will push them to their limits. Seventeen-year-old Anya Poghorian has invented a portable dialysis machine that could be produced at low cost and revolutionize access to care. The young scientist has made wise choices for living well and coping with the pressures of success. For his part, Geoffrey Dollar uses dance to express what uveitis, an inflammatory disease of the eye that could someday make him blind, means to him. Nicholas Lajeunesse, a 16-year-old soccer player, enhanced his awareness of the world around him by collecting clothes and raising money to help the homeless in Ottawa. What Cassidy Villeneuve, a young student politician, does to sharpen her sense of empathy is volunteer work in a local soup kitchen. Twenty-year-old Danah Flamand, originally from the Atikamekw Nation, had a child with her lover while at CEGEP and is now pursuing her university studies. She credits her thriving lifestyle with reconnecting to her roots and celebrating her successes.

Francesco Caruso is a gay activist and leader of an LGBTQ movement at the University of Ottawa. His secret is learning to delegate better to go further, faster. Louis Cormier is a Rubik Cube world champion and holds two Guinness Book records. He’s trying out his hand in the culinary arts to broaden his horizons. Sara Saddiki is doing her bit by acting as a mentor to Moroccan students, helping them to integrate into Canada. Theatre student Morgane Corcoran is also a feminist and environmentalist who sees freedom as our supreme value. To this end, she’s undertaking a creative project to better inspire new audiences. Bienvenu Senga studies literature and is also editor of Laurentian University’s student newspaper. He’s developing his skills even more by collaborating with Sudbury’s Le Voyageur newspaper.

Participants in À nous le monde are living through the first significant stages of their adult lives and showing their true potential on their journey. The things they do at this stage will stay with them forever. They’re taking action to build a better world. After attending a leadership camp, they then focus on a personal challenge that has been specifically designed for them. Over a 615-day period, we get to see how they evolve while discovering the values, ambitions, and ideals of young people like themselves.  

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Bliktv Inc.

Cast/Participants: Patrick Masbourian