Children's & Youth
French (Available subtitled in French)

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 65 X 5 min

NoteRythme IV (196-260) is a series of 65 programs of 5 minutes each produced for viewers 5 to 12 years of age. The series puts the emphasis on working together (and not on competition) at primary schools across Canada to the rhythm of 13 popular songs.

Each school is invited to strut its stuff, its educational project, the talent of its students, and its activities. In short, each school will demonstrate in just 5 minutes what you could say is its rhythm. The concept links the idea of rhythm to NoteRythme, with the word ‘note’ denoting music and rhythm in movement.

Each week, a song is chosen and 4 primary schools devote their energy and creativity to choreographing and setting the song into motion during classes and in their school environment. All students, from kindergarten to grade 6, get in on the action under the supervision of the school principal and staging director. The 4 original programs from the 4 participating schools will be broadcast from Monday to Thursday. A remix version will be broadcast on Friday, featuring excerpts from the 4 original programs (2 minutes) plus new content (3 minutes) created specifically for the remix show. In this way, the series will show 13 different songs in its 13-week broadcast schedule.

NoteRythme also includes a re-editing (combo) of the 65 daily programs into 13 weekly programs of 22 minutes each. This makes for convenient rebroadcasts of back-to-back programs (in group of 4 to 5 shows), creating the effect of viewing a NoteRythme weekly awards presentation. The general idea behind the series is simple: energize students virally so that those children watching each program will benefit from the training the students got in making it.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Productions Tout Ecran inc