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Northern Gold

Documentary, History

Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 58x2

Northern Gold is a two- part documentary series that beautifully examines and explores the history and present-day context of northern mining communities as told through the lens of one small but integral mining town: Timmins, Ontario.

Part one of Northern Gold dives into the early days of Timmins and the ways in which the town was founded and propelled into expansion through newly arrived immigrants from across the globe. We discover how those immigrants were faced with some of the harshest conditions imaginable - the prejudice of a cultural caste system and the physical demands of brutal labour- at the bottom of Northern mines. We dig deep into the ways this fed directly into both the burgeoning shadow business of high-grading and unionization. Mirroring the past, we’ll examine today’s Timmins, to uncover the ways in which newly arrived immigrants are facing fresh and unique challenges.

In part two of Northern Gold we’ll uncover the history of Northern Ontario mining through the lens of one Indigenous community- the Mattagami First Nation- who have been forever altered by the influx of Europeans in the north, the way the Southern economy was fueled by Northern mining and the changing face of Timmins today. Facing mine closures, we’ll follow the ways in which current residents- particularly one multi-generation mining family and the Mattagami First Nation- are embracing an uncertain future with strength, resilience and fortitude.

Beautifully told and visually arresting, Northern Gold uncovers a thought provoking Northern story that is vital and timely, yet haunting and evocative.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Alibi Entertainment Inc. ,Alibi Gold Inc.

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