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Mr. D (Season 8)

English (Available dubbed in French & subtitled in French)

Region: Atlantic

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 8 episodes x 30 minutes

In Season 7, Gerry has finally achieved his career goal to become a full-time Phys Ed teacher. Unfortunately, teaching Phys Ed isn’t everything he thought it would be. It turns out, the “teaching” component interferes heavily with the “playing sports all day” component. We’ll watch Gerry fumble his way through his dream job, leaving a trail of poor decisions and questionable practices in his wake.

At the same time, after having quit Xavier Academy in a blaze of glory, a vengeful Lisa will return, only this time she’s out for blood.

Meanwhile, proud new papa Robert has finally hit his own career high as sole Principal of Xavier Academy, so long as the new Vice Principal Dwyer doesn’t drag him down.

The end of Season 7 saw Gerry exposed on TV as "the worst teacher in the world" and Gerry absconding to Japan. What will happen at the beginning of Season 8 is anyone's guess.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Mr. D S8 Productions Limited ,Mr. D S8 Ontario Productions Limited

Cast/Participants: Gerry Dee, Jonathan Torrens, Lauren Hammersley, Bette MacDonald, Naomi Snieckus, Darrin Rose, Mark Little, Wes Williams, Suresh John, Kathleen Phillips, Emma Hunter, Bill Wood

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