Montreal Housemates

English (Available subtitled in English)

Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 300

Montreal Housemates is a touching and authentic documentary series in which four protagonists – three handicapped people and one non-handicapped – will take part of a tremendous experience of support, exchange and sharing. For the time of the production, they will open the door to each other on their respective reality by sharing their daily routine in an apartment that is adapted according to their needs.

Throughout the ups and downs of this commune living, Montreal Housemates will dive at the heart of the preoccupations encountered by Canadians living with a handicap. Addressing through the four Housemates’ experience all the aspects of their lives, the series will put to light the benefits regarding support offered to handicapped people, but also informing and arousing a reflection and showing the path that needs to be taken in order to reduce the gap that exists between handicapped people and the rest of Canadians. 


Cast/Participants: Catherine Blanchette-Dallaire, Christopher Kennedy, Kim Holdbrook, Sandro Imlair François